Who We Are

We are a student-led group at Michigan State University interested in exploring the performing and creative arts with our peers. We are actors, directors, writers, musicians, filmmakers, improvisers, administrators, and crew members. Roial staff, a core group of students, make decisions for the group supported by MSU’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.


Meet Roial Staff

Emily Clark

Emily found Roial by chance during the first semester of her freshman year. She got very involved very fast, and now she is Roial’s Executive Director. In the past, Emily was cast in Decision Height (2015), For Never, Not Always (2016), and most recently played Marty in Circle Mirror Transformation (2017). She was the PR … Continue reading Emily Clark

Simon Tessmer

Simon is a senior Film Studies major with a minor in Fiction Filmmaking. He’s been a performing member of the Roial Improv Players since 2014 and has served as their co-director since 2017. He’s also a writer/cast member in the 2018 Roial Sketch Show “We’re All Adults Here,” a performer in the 2018 Roial Musical … Continue reading Simon Tessmer

Carter Chamberlain

Carter is a senior majoring in computer science with a minor in cognitive science. He has been performing with Roial Improv since 2014 and is one of the co-directors for the 2017-18 school year. He was a member of the cast for Roial’s Fall 2017 One-Acts and on one occasion jammed on the Ukulele for … Continue reading Carter Chamberlain

Hannah Warren

Hannah Warren is an RCAH and English major. She reads all the books and does all the things. If she could be anything in the world, she would be a dragon, cause they’re cool.

Holly Bronson

Holly Bronson is planning on becoming the next History of Magic  professor, and has been working on lesson plans since she was ten. In the meantime she is double majoring in RCAH and Professional Writing and minoring in Peace and Justice Studies. Her hobbies include reciting Harry Potter chapter titles, doing BuzzFeed quizzes, analyzing Shakespearean sonnets, running in national parks, … Continue reading Holly Bronson

Kandra Harper

Jake Rubin

Jake is an RCAH major. He may only be a freshman, but nonetheless, he has gotten extremely involved in the club. His starting role was Dunham in Fourteen (2017). From there, he was able to branch off into this beautiful club. Currently, he has joined the improv team, is participating in the Musical Theater Cabaret … Continue reading Jake Rubin

Alec Comes

 Alec Comes is a Junior studying Media & Information that has been involved in Roial ever since he started his freshman year. He joined the Roial Improv Players and was soon added to their performing team in October of 2015 and has been in the improv shows regularly ever since. He is now one of … Continue reading Alec Comes

Terrence Peugh

Terrence is a senior Media and information Major that has been involved in almost every Roial production since the second half of 2016. With the film Branch, he has produced promotional and original content for Roial with the help of his co-leader Alec Comes and his incredibly talented members of Roial Film. Terrence is also the … Continue reading Terrence Peugh

Allyson Awada

Alina Steinberg

Angela Luscri

Ryan Gandy

Holly Simon

Maggie Bice