Who We Are

We are a student-led group at Michigan State University interested in exploring the performing and creative arts with our peers. We are actors, directors, writers, musicians, filmmakers, improvisers, administrators, and crew members. Roial staff, a core group of students, make decisions for the group supported by MSU’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.


Meet Roial Staff

Elena Lipscomb

Elena is dual degreeing in RCAH and Psycology. Music has always been a big part of her life, from a very early age she staged musicals for her parents (mainly the wizard of oz) and made them watch her. She plays Violin, sings and knows some piano but is currently learning more! She is very … Continue reading Elena Lipscomb

Matt Schomisch

Matt Schomisch is the director of the Roial Improv Players (MSU’s #1 and only improv team). His story starts in a magical place called Kalamazoo, MI. Upon his birth his parents were confronted by a witch who gave them a choice. “Your son can either be handsome or funny, you may choose only one”. Realizing … Continue reading Matt Schomisch

Randy Fields

Randy Fields is a Junior with a major in Theatre focusing in Stage Management with a minor in arts and cultural management. He has been working with Roial for two years and is now in charge of stage management. His hobbies include Civilization V, late night walks, and praising our wonderful mascot and leader, Oklahoma.

Miri Huebner

Hannah Warren

Hannah Warren is an RCAH and English major. She reads all the books and does all the things. If she could be anything in the world, she would be a dragon, cause they’re cool.

Holly Bronson

Holly Bronson is planning on becoming the next History of Magic  professor, and has been working on lesson plans since she was ten. In the meantime she is double majoring in RCAH and Professional Writing and minoring in Peace and Justice Studies. Her hobbies include reciting Harry Potter chapter titles, doing BuzzFeed quizzes, analyzing Shakespearean sonnets, running in national parks, … Continue reading Holly Bronson

Kandra Harper

Patrick Flanagan

Elise Conklin

Elise Conklin is a Media and Information student with a triple minor and thus lots of free time. A huge film geek, you’ll probably find her watching Netflix and claiming it to be research for her next project when really it’s just Netflix.

Terrence Peugh

Allyson Awada

Alina Steinberg

Angela Luscri

Ryan Gandy

Emily Clark

Holly Simon

Ben Bland

Maggie Bice