Golden Land

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Golden Land

By Jenny Crakes

Directed by Jenny Crakes and Dan Finegan


What does it mean to become American? A story of courage, passion, and transforming identities, “Golden Land” follows three Jewish sisters as they emigrate from Russia to New York City following the 1906 Bialystok pogrom. Speaking the language of stories, fabric and fire, the girls strive to pursue their own dreams while working in garment factories to save money for tickets to bring the rest of their family over. During the 1909 “Uprising of the 20,000,” at the time the largest strike by women in U.S. history, they are entangled in conflicts both inside and outside their home, and act as catalysts for workers’ rights in their community. Strike songs and traditional Hebrew melodies add the music of the culture and the era. The immigrant experience is close to many of us, and these struggles are still current, woven into the lives of many workers today.


The RCAH Theater, C20 Snyder Hall
Thursday, April 16th at 8pm
Friday, April 17th at 8pm
Saturday, April 18th at 8pm
Sunday, April 19th at 2pm


SARA: Sarah Hartlieb
ANYA: Sarah Denick
LEAH: Megan Wesner
PAPA: Steven Neal
MAMA: Elisa Obregón
NICOLINA: Annika De Souza
CHARLIE: Jacob Buchholz


Ashley Jayne
Reyna Martinez
Cydney Andrew
Lee Wang
Sydney Meadowcroft
Clare Shortal
Nick Savinov
Miriam Huebner
Zachary Poynter
Allyson Awada
Hannah Warren
Tao Sun
Taylor Carver
Holly Bronson
Marie Kaniecki


Production Team
Director: Jenny Crakes
Assistant Director: Dan Finegan
Art Director: Elena Lipscomb
Stage Manager: Marcus Fields
Music Director: Tyler Summers
PR Lead: Kandra Harper
Lead Video Producer: Ben DeHart


Stage Crew
Krista Rodriguez – Art Crew
Kassia Salisbury – Art Crew
Caroline Hron Weigle – Stage Crew
Patrick Flanagan – Stage Crew
Elise Conklin – Sound
Alina Steinberg – Lights
Elsa Finch – Video Prod. Asst.
Amy Wagenaar – Video Prod. Asst.
Tristan Tanner – Video Prod. Asst.
Parianna Ghebleh – Video Prod. Asst.



Banu Choshech L’gareish: Arrangement copyright 2003 by Transcontinental Music Publications
English Lyrics by Rabbi Moshe Raphael Halfon.

Ma’oz Tzur: Arrangement by Musicnotes, Inc.

Bashana Haba’ah: Arranged by John Leavitt; arrangement copyright 1994 by EMI Songs (Israel) Ltd.

“There Is Power in a Union” and “Rebel Girl” by Joe Hill

Alt-Wien, Waltzer No. 1 by Eduard Kremser