Each semester, we host two main stage productions with opportunities in acting, directing, stage management, art crew, stage crew, music, and public relations.



Auditions for our MainStage productions occur during the first month of the semester.



Interested in directing one of our MainStage productions?


Art Direction

Art Direction, related to crew and coordinated by Marie Kaniecki, is responsible for all the makeup, costumes, and props involved in a production. This team is responsible for making sure all actors walk out on stage properly clothed and looking their best (or their worst, depending on the demands of the role).

Like crew, art direction participates in the production mainly during the week of tech and performances. Show weeks can be crazy, but they’re almost guaranteed to be as much fun as they are challenging, and new faces are always welcome, whatever the level of experience!


Stage Management

The crew, currently organized by our Crew 
Coordinator, Randy Fields, is a great way to get involved in productions without the stress of being on stage. You can be involved in as many shows as you chose–but we love returners!

Although the crew does a lot of work for the shows, it’s also a TON of fun, and general hilarity and debauchery inevitably ensues.

If you’re interested in being part of the crew–or even stage managing yourself–be sure to get in touch and get involved!



Put together by Emily Nott, Roial Music allows each person to share their talents and explore the amazing world of composition. The branch is now run by Elena Lipscomb.

Roial Music offers the opportunity to play, as well as compose, music for short films, plays, or even entire productions. There are no limitations!


Public Relations

Advertising is absolutely key in our productions–how will people come to the shows if they don’t know they’re happening? Currently headed by Kandra Harper, the PR branch of Roial is responsible for all the advertising that happens for every event and show, including everything from posters, to promos, to Facebook events and email announcements.

Although Kandra organizes the branch, many different members of the group have gotten involved in designing posters and creating contacts through which Roial spreads the word about its events.