Matt Schomisch

mattMatt Schomisch is the director of the Roial Improv Players (MSU’s #1 and only improv team). His story starts in a magical place called Kalamazoo, MI. Upon his birth his parents were confronted by a witch who gave them a choice. “Your son can either be handsome or funny, you may choose only one”. Realizing that witchcraft is nothing but fiction, they decided that he should be both. Years of shame and unpopularity went by before they told him of his gift. They next day he joined his high school’s improv team. This and memorizing hip hop lyrics sustained him through his pubescent years until he emerged at Michigan State University a deep voiced giant. On campus he found a new home in the Roial Players. Now a junior and leading improv he finds himself wise and willing to teach the craft to any Spartan who would like to try it out, for you all have funny, handsome, deep voiced giants inside you, and all you need to do is let them out.