Spring 2019 Cast Lists

Congratulations to everyone who was cast in Roial’s spring shows! The cast lists are as follows:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Name Role
Riley GL Francis Flute
Sarah Keenan Lysandra
Alec Said Mustardseed and Snug
Robyn Bankston Titania
Elizabeth Sauter Peter Quince
Emily Elrick Fairy 1 and Cobweb
Diego Collazo Puck
Muthu Jayatissa Hermia
Diana Dalski Peaseblossom and Fairy 2
Ryan Gandy Nick Bottom
Kyle Whitehouse Theseus
Christina Crane Helena
William True Egeus
Dani Young Hippolyta
Max Copeland Demetrius
Michel Metzner Philostrate
Alaina Humphrey Snout and Mote
Akshay Murali Oberon
Chase Goodman Starveling
Dog and Phony Show
Jake Rubin
Dean Hewitt
Sean Vichinsky
Julia Stroman
Charlotte Krause
Amarra Lyons
Alaina Brenner

Spring 2018 Cast List

Hello friends!
Thank you so much for auditioning for Roial’s spring 2018 shows. You guys really impressed us with your talent and your preparation. After a long night of deliberation, we have a cast list! Many factors go into casting shows, one of the most important being schedule, so not being cast is not necessarily an indication of your talent or abilities. With that, here are the cast lists for Roial’s spring 2018 shows:


ASYLUM (Directed by Alina Steinberg and Grant Jackson)

GARY: Jake Rubin

DAVIS/GOD: Joe Goodrich

MOTHER: Armaan Sison


SATAN/DR. CAPOTE: Brendan Carter

FRANK/SALESMEN: Trevor Williams

MACBETH (Directed by Kandra Harper and Anthony Mandalari)

First Witch; SEYTON- Missy Gall

Second Witch; First murderer – Shaun Goulet

Third Witch; Servant (5.3) – Caitlyn Skelcy

DUNCAN; SIWARD- Carter Prost

MALCOLM -Bailey Laske

DONALBAIN; MENTEITH – Elizabeth Sauter

MACBETH, – Jillian Tosolt

LADY MACBETH – Ellen Weise

Second murderer –  Sarah Maynard

A DOCTOR, ; An Old Man – Michel Metzner

A GENTLEWOMAN;Third murderer – Muthu Jayatissa

A PORTER;YOUNG SIWARD, Siward’s son – Simon Tessmer

BANQUO – Sarah Wietecha

FLEANCE; ANGUS  – Emily Elrick

MACDUFF, – Troy Gahrs

LADY MACDUFF;Other Messenger (A5S5) – Bailey Zarske

SON OF MACDUFF; Servant (Act 3)- Sarah Keenan

LENNOX – Lily Blake

ROSS – Angela Luscri

A Captain in Duncan’s army; Macbeth’s Messenger – Kyle Whitehouse