Get ready for 24 hour theatre!

24hour2017Starting tonight at 8:00pm, Roialies will gather and produce an entire production from the ground up and then perform exactly twenty-four hours later.

In order to pull this off, we need you to join us! If you’re interested in pulling an all nighter to have fun and be creative, we want to see you there. Whether you’re interested in acting, directing, writing, stage crew, or art crew, there is an opportunity for you here. If you’re interested in joining, contact Roial’s Executive Director, Elena Lipscomb, at with your name, the best way to get ahold of you and what role you would like to get involved in. Come create with us!

If you can’t join the production, we hope you’ll join us for the performance on Saturday, February 11th at 8pm in the RCAH Theater. See you there!


Creative Showcase Raises Money for All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre!

This year’s creative showcase was a huge success and included juggling, singing, student films, and more. We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to all of our performers and everyone to donated to All-of-us Express!

Roial raised just over $200 for the children’s theatre! That money will be going into their scholarship fund for those kids who want to participate, but need a scholarship to do so.

If anyone in Roial is ever interested in working or volunteering for AECT, they are always looking for crew heads to help teach our youth about various crew aspects in theatre and summer camp instructors! If you want to learn more about us, Amelia is always happy to answer questions. Or call the office at 517-319-6957.

Thanks again for sharing your talents and supporting children in theatre!

Seeking Submissions for Creative Showcase on Sat. Nov. 19

creative-showcaseOur organization is full of artistic people with a ton of talent, and they don’t always get a chance to share that talent during the course of our regular season. In order to showcase these talents, we host the Creative Showcase once a semester. This semester, the Creative Showcase will be on Saturday, November 19th at 8:00pm in the RCAH Theatre.

We’ve had a variety of different acts in the past, including singing, piano, stand-up comedy, tap dancing, yoyo-ing etc. So if you have any talents you’d like to show off, we’d love to have you! All are welcome to participate! If you know someone who you think would be interested in participating, feel free to send them the link!

Fill out the application form to apply to perform in this year’s creative showcase!